How specialists can boost GP referral rates in 2018
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How specialists can boost GP referral rates in 2018

Traditionally, specialist practices have had limited ways to ‘market’ themselves to GPs and present their information doctor-to-doctor when a referral decision is being made. In this article, we take a look at a fresh, innovative solution for specialists to better promote their practice details and receive more GP referrals.

Why networking nights don’t always work

 In the digital age, legacy, network-based marketing options such as hosting GP dinner nights and handing out referral pads don’t necessarily offer the best solution. The problem with this method is that GPs do not necessarily remember the specialist’s information, including their sub-specialty, location and special interests, when the time comes to actually writing the referral.

The new digital doctor-to-doctor network

In the last few years, more effective online marketing solutions have emerged, which let a specialist promote their practice details inside the GP’s address book, so it is top-of-mind when the referral is being written.

One such solution is HealthShare’s Premium Referrals service, which is fast evolving the doctor-to-doctor networking space. A valued partner of MedicalDirector since 2014, HealthShare has been providing its growing network of GP users with access to a comprehensive specialist directory, integrated into the referral workflow of MedicalDirector.

Specialists promoting through HealthShare are also featured on their website,, which receives 500,000 monthly unique visitors, as well as the “Find a Provider” directory for private health insurers. On top of this, the solution offers additional networking opportunities, marketing avenues, thought leadership and media exposure through HealthShare’s media partners.

Integrated solution to increase patient referral flow

 According to Olympic Park Sports Medicine Centre’s executive general manager, Brent Quill, a solution like HealthShare’s Referrals platform delivers a strong return on investment and a visibly increased flow of patient referrals.

“We have been very pleased with our involvement in HealthShare’s Referrals platform, he added. “HealthShare’s unique integration into the GP’s clinical software and the large audience of patients using their consumer website means our practice receives excellent exposure at the time a referral decision is being made.

“Another benefit is the option to include detailed information about our practice including the sub-specialties of our specialists and special interest areas, this is invaluable to ensure we are able to treat the most appropriate patients for our specialists”.

To learn more about the service, please email or contact Christopher McConville on 0409 410 874