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New study tackles over-prescribing antibiotics in children

A recent study was conducted following mounting concern over antibiotic overloading in children. The study explores different interventions concerning inappropriate antibiotic prescribing for non-severe acute infections

What every GP needs to know about the new AMDS program

The Department of Health has recently released its new Approved Medical Deputising Service (AMDS) program, opening up fresh controversy over a clause banning deputisers from writing new scripts without the permission of a patient’s regular GP.

Report reveals reluctance to embrace interoperability in healthcare

The medical profession needs to improve the state of interoperability and embrace the benefits of digital transformation, MedicalDirector’s latest whitepaper shows.

HIV Prevention drug approved for PBS listing

The cost of the HIV prevention pill ‘PrEP’ is set to dramatically reduce after receiving final approval for listing on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

Government decisions shaking up healthcare in 2018

Healthcare has remained firmly in the media spotlight in 2018, with a raft of Government decisions, announcements and leaks already sparking debate and controversy amongst the healthcare community.

Is CHIP the new heart attack risk?

Researchers are beginning to put their finger on what may be causing heart attack and stroke in people with few or no conventional risk factors, but some experts warn not to get too carried away by the media hype.

Report links data-driven technology to better healthcare

Customer-centricity, innovation, data and technology will be essential factors in the success of Australian healthcare organisations in a competitive, demanding future, a new study has found.
06/02/2018 By Matthew Bardsley, CEO

Every Bed is a Hospital Bed

Hospitals are facing increasing pressure to be efficient and ‘always on’, especially in times of crisis. MedicalDirector’s CEO, Matthew Bardsley, discusses how leveraging better technology solutions can drastically change patient hospital experience
07/02/2018 By Guest Contributor

How specialists can boost GP referral rates in 2018

Traditionally, specialist practices have had limited ways to ‘market’ themselves to GPs and present their information doctor-to-doctor when a referral decision is being made. In this article, we take a look at a fresh, innovative solution for specialists to better promote their practice details and receive more GP referrals.

What new mandatory notifiable data breach laws means to healthcare providers

The Federal Government’s new Notifiable Data Breaches scheme comes into effect on 22 February 2018, placing further pressure on the healthcare sector to ensure compliance when it comes to sensitive patient data. In this article, we answer key critical questions around the new legislation and what it means to professional healthcare providers in Australia.

Research reveals flu can increase heart attack risk six times in a week

A new study has shown that catching the influenza virus can increase the risk of having a heart attack by up to six times within the space of only a week. The study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, looked at thousands of flu cased and provided strong evidence linking influenza and heart attacks.

5 ways technology is transforming healthcare

For the last five years, technology has been the main catalyst for change within the healthcare industry and directly improved both the patient and provider experience. In this article, we take a look at five ways technology is impacting healthcare in 2018.

What the new codeine laws mean for Australia

Medicines containing codeine will require a prescription from the start of February 2018, following increased concern over addiction, overuse and abuse of the painkiller. In this article, we take a look at what the new laws mean and how they are set to impact the medical and pharmaceutical industries.
01/02/2018 By Guest Contributor

Electronic referrals just became easier with HealthLink

In the digital health age and expectations for better interoperability, the pressure is on to improve the efficiency of electronic referrals. While electronic referrals have been available from within Medical Director via the HealthLink network for many years now, they have yet to be used on a large scale – until now.

Demystifying the cloud

The pressure on the healthcare industry to be more efficient and agile means more practitioners and healthcare organisations are turning to technology to generate better patient outcomes

5 Tips for healthcare data security success in 2018

As digital transformation of the healthcare framework increasingly becomes a part of our everyday lives, data security remains one of the most critical concerns for healthcare providers in Australia. In this article, we take a look at what it takes to ensure better data security success in 2018.

MedicalDirector and HotDoc join forces to boost patient engagement

MedicalDirector and HotDoc have today announced a partnership to deliver a Patient Engagement Solution to healthcare professionals across Australia. Focusing on fostering patient loyalty, the partnership will give HotDoc customers with MedicalDirector software access to HotDoc’s Engagement Suite directly in their workflow. The solution is integrated into Pracsoft and Clinical, and will soon be available in MedicalDirector’s cloud-based clinical and practice management software, Helix.

Why reducing medication errors is a shared responsibility

Media reports like the recent case of a paediatric overdose of reflux medication are a stark reminder of the potentially harmful consequences and human cost of medication errors, so what can we do to reduce medication mistakes and improve accuracy?

5 Ways to enable better cloud healthcare

Our recent roundtable and subsequent whitepaper Healthcare in the Cloud: Optimising an Industry, has opened up a fresh wave of discussion about the role of technology in the future of healthcare.

Improving rural health with technology

Harnessing the potential of technology to improve the delivery of healthcare in Australia is especially important for those living in rural and remote areas where access to healthcare and face-to-face patient-clinician consultations are harder to come by.

How to turnaround a time-poor practice

The health industry is being consistently asked to do more with less, and for GPs this means delivering potentially life-saving care under severe time constraints.

5 Digital healthcare predictions for 2018

The age of digital healthcare is here, and artificial intelligence, robotics and cloud-based SaaS platforms are increasingly becoming part of the industry’s lexicon.

3 Barriers to enabling better models of care

In 2017, we saw the healthcare industry under even further pressure and scrutiny, placing the debate around enabling better models of care back in the spotlight.

Mental health and GP burnout

Feeling burnt out after a long year and still not ready to face 2018? You might be suffering from GP burnout.