Pracsoft User Guide
Writing-off Accounts

An account can be written-off if you believe it will never be paid in full. Written-off accounts will appear in your Written-Off Fees report. You can only write-off unpaid or partially-paid, non-Bulk Bill accounts. If you are hoping to undo the account (because it is in error), don't write it off - reverse it.

If you write-off an account for a patient, and the patient attends the Practice at some time in the future, they will be flagged with a red x in the 'Waiting Room'. You will be able to undo the write-off and receipt the outstanding amount (refer below.) Only write-off an account if you intend to collect the debt eventually, but do not wish to keep sending Statements or actively chase the debt. If you wish to finalise the account, do not write it off. Adjust the fee down to what you received for this account.

o      To Write-off an Account

o      To Undo a Write-off

To Write-off an Account

1.      Locate and open the record of the patient you wish to edit.

2.      Select the Accounts tab.


3.      Right-click the required row (account entry) and select Write Off Account from the menu that appears. You will be prompted to confirm this action.

o      Note that if when you right-click the account entry you do not see the option to write-off the account, you have selected an account that cannot be written-off. This may be because the account has been paid in full or is a Bulk Bill account.


4.      You will be prompted to enter a reason for the write-off.


5.      Click OK button to continue. The written off item becomes displayed in red (not shown in the image above). A record of this shows in the Practitioner's Daysheet, but not in 'Arrears' or 'Aged Debtors' reports.

To Undo a Write-Off

1.      On the Accounts tab select the written-off item (displayed in red).

2.      Right click the item and select Undo Write Off from the menu that appears. If there is more than one written off item to undo, you must undo each item individually. No comment is necessary, as Pracsoft handles this for you - which is different from doing an adjustment.