Pracsoft User Guide
Waiting Room Tab (User Settings)

The Waiting Room tab of User Settings allows you to manage Waiting Room settings for the user currently logged in.

Items of interest on this window

Remove from WaitRoom after billing

Select this check box so the patient's name clears from the Waiting Room window after their visit has been recorded. This helps ensure that a patient does not leave the medical centre without being billed for their visit.

Use Waitroom Practitioner Selection

This affects where the information is sorted in relation to which Practitioners are displayed in the Waiting Room. If you want to individually select which Practitioners are displayed on a particular workstation, do not select this option on that workstation.

Display Known As in Waiting Room

'Known As' is entered when adding a new patient to the database. If this is selected, the 'Known As' name is displayed in the Waiting Room list.

Waiting room refresh interval (seconds)

Allows you to enter the number of seconds for a Waiting Room refresh interval.

Auto Print Blank DB4:

Allows you to setup this user to print blank DB4 forms.

Show Location in Tab

Allows you to display the Practitioner's location in the Waiting Room tab title, together with the Practitioner code. For example, AB - Surgery.

Hide All Tab

Allows you to hide the 'All' tab and places all patients into the Waiting Room of a specific Practitioner. For example, if there is only one Practitioner in the practice.