Pracsoft User Guide

To print statement reports:

1.      Click Reports > Statements on the Main menu. The MedicalDirector Pracsoft Statements of Accounts Rendered window appears.

Statements of account are printed accounts (reminders) sent to outstanding debtors. These may be selected based on the following criteria:

o      Over a certain amount (for example only print outstanding accounts over $100).

o      Overdue days (for example only print accounts that are over 30 days overdue).

o      For Private accounts or institutions only (for example only print out Private accounts).

o      Active/Inactive patients (for example exclude all inactive patients).


2.      Enter the effective date, a minimal amount to use when printing statements, and a date to exclude items billed after this date. The minimal amount entered prevents statements from printing with an outstanding balance less than the amount entered.

3.      Select the overdue days drop-down menu and the appropriate setting for this statement run.

4.      Select a statement letterhead and statement text if applicable.

5.      Enter any advanced criteria to refine the statement.

6.      Specify a range for the first letter of Surname is applicable.

o      Click to prints a summary of the statement information.

o      Click  This report prints to your default printer.

o      Click to close without printing any statements.