Pracsoft User Guide
Selecting a Referring Practitioner when Recording a Visit

When recording a visit for a patient, if the patient's practitioner requires a referral, this will be indicated at the bottom-left of the Record Visit window. Note that you can also add a patient's referring practitioner via the patient's record.

To Select a Referring Practitioner:

1.      Locate and click at the bottom of the Record Visit window.


2.      The Referral Details window appears.


3.      Select the type of referral from the associated drop-down list.

4.      Enter the name of the referring practitioner into the associated text box. If you are unsure of the referring practitioner's name, click to search for them.

5.      Enter the date the referral request was made via the Request Date calendar tool. The default date is that the visit is recorded.

6.      Enter the referral period. The associated expiry date will automatically update to reflect modifications to either the Request Date or Referral Period fields.

7.      (Optional) Enter a reason for the referral.

8.      (Optional) Indicate if a report for this referral was issued.

9.      Click Save Pracsoft button to confirm the information and close the window.