Pracsoft User Guide
Searching Service Item Numbers

Pracsoft provides a facility for finding and selecting the Item Numbers for 'Standard Professional Services'. This is most useful when modifying service entries in the list of services on the Record Visit window.

To find an item number for a service:

1.      Select an entry (row) in the list of services on the 'Record Visit' window and either:

o      From the main menu, select File > Search Std Item List, or

o      Press CTRL+S.



2.      If you know part of the item number then type this in 'Item No' field. If you know that the item number you are looking for starts with the digits you typed then select 'At the beginning of the field' to narrow down the number of matching results.

3.      Click and a list of matches (if any) appears in the list (lower section of window).

4.      Select the required item from the list by either double-clicking the item or selecting and clicking

5.      You can also search by description if you know the name (or part) of the service.