Pracsoft User Guide
Repeat or Recurring Appointments

To add a Recurring Appointment:

1.      Schedule the appointment as normal.

2.      Then either;

o      Select the appointment you wish to make recurring, and then select Appointment > Add Recurring Appointment, or

o      Right-click the appointment and select Add Recurring Appointment from the menu that appears.


3.      The Add/Repeat Recurring Appointment window appears.


4.      (Optional) Select a practitioner from the Practitioner drop-down list (the original practitioner will be selected by default).

5.      Select a start and end date for the period of recurring appointments. The start date defaults to that of the original appointment you scheduled in Step 1.

6.      Indicate how often you wish the appointments to recur. The example above shows that the appointments will recur every week. Other options include minutes, hours, days, months and years.

7.      Click  A list of recurring appointments is displayed in the Appointment List section. If possible, recurring appointments are scheduled for the same time slot as the original, or at the next available time slot.

8.      To delete a specific appointment from the list of recurring appointments, select the appointment from the list and click  Note that you cannot select multiple appointments simultaneously.

9.      Click to confirm your selections and close the window. Once this window has been closed, the recurring appointments are treated as individual appointments; it is no longer possible to deal with them as a group of recurring appointments.