Pracsoft User Guide
Registered Practitioners

Registered Practitioners are practitioners that have been made active. Although a Practitioner may be recorded in Pracsoft's User List, until they have been made 'active' (as explained below), they have limited access to Pracsoft. Furthermore, a Practitioner can be added to the Registered Practitioners list multiple times - once for each location.

Adding/Editing Registered Practitioners:

1.      Select Admin > Practitioners. The Registered Practitioners window appears.

This window is capable of displaying all users recorded in MedicalDirector Pracsoft as being ' Practitioners'. By default, the list displays only those practitioners that have been further flagged as 'Registered Practitioners'. To view all registered and non-registered practitioners, tick the Show All Practitioners check box.

Note also that it is possible for a practitioner to appear in this list multiple times with each entry having different settings. This is because you must record a different entry for each location that a practitioner practices at.

o      To Edit the details of a Registered Practitioner, select the practitioner and click  or double-click the practitioner.

o      To flag a practitioner as inactive, select the practitioner and click

o      To enable a tab in the Waiting Room for a particular practitioner, select them and then enable their associated Show check box.


2.      To add a practitioner to the list (thus flagging them as Registered), click   The Select from list of Current Practitioners window appears.

This window displays the users in your database that have been recorded as 'Practitioners' (as opposed to 'Users'), and displays all practitioners, even if they are already included in the Registered Practitioners list. This is because you can add them to this list multiple times - once for each location they practice at.

3.      Double-click on the practitioner you wish to add to the Registered Practitioners list.


4.      (Optional) If you have not already entered some compulsory information for this practitioner, the Practitioner Details window appears now, awaiting your input.

You must enter at least the practitioner's location. You may be prompted to enter other information, depending on what you have selected from the Practitioner Status drop-down menu. Click Save Pracsoft button when you are ready to proceed.


5.      The practitioner is now added to the Registered Practitioners list.