Pracsoft User Guide
Recording Visits - Aftercare

An Aftercare visit is one in which the patient will not be billed for services, such as if the patient returns to have stitches removed for example. Despite not billing the patient, you still need to keep a record of their visit, and it may also be a requirement when billing institutions such as Workers' Compensation. Note that an Aftercare visit can only be recorded for 'patients' and 'institutions', but not 'Bulk Bill' or 'Vet Affairs' visits.

The process for recording an Aftercare visit is similar to that of a regular visit, except that you do not need to record any Service Items. Instead, simply tick the Aftercare check box, and an 'aftercare' item will be added to the visit automatically. Note that with this check box ticked, you will not be able to add further Service Items, or enter any Payment Details.