Pracsoft User Guide
Printing a Practitioner's Appointments

The following information explains how to print the appointments for a practitioner. You can also print a list of appointments for a selected patient, or specific day.

To Print Appointments for a Practitioner:

1.      Open the Appointment module by either;

o      Clicking

o      Selecting Waiting Room > Appointment Book.


2.      If you have multiple Appointment Books in use, select the Appointment Book you wish to use via the associated drop-down list.

3.      Select the Practitioner for whom you wish to assign an appointment, using the associated drop-down list. The image above indicates that the appointment schedule for Dr. A Practitioner is currently selected.

4.      Click the column heading for the day you wish to print appointments for. For example, if you wanted to print the appointments for Mon 16/3/09 (as shown in the image above), you would click on the column heading for that day.

5.      Select Print > For (practitioner) Only. A print-preview window of the day's appointments for the selected practitioner will appear.