Pracsoft User Guide
Printing a Patient's Appointments

The following information explains how to print the appointments for a given patient. You can also print a list of appointments for individual practitioner, or a specific day. There are two methods for printing a patient's appointments, as explained below.

To Print Appointments for a Patient:

Method 1 (if the patient is not readily visible in the Appointment Book)

1.      From within the Appointment Book, select Print > Patient Appointments. The Search Patient window appears.


2.      Locate and select the patient whose appointment schedule you wish to print.

3.      Click  A list of the patient's appointments appears in print preview.

Method 2 (if the patient is clearly visible in the appointment book)

1.      Within the Appointment Book, locate and select the patient.

2.      Select Print > Patient Appointments. You will be prompted to confirm that you wish to print appointments for the selected patient.