Pracsoft User Guide
Practitioner Details

See also: Registered Practitioners


The Practitioner Details window allows you to define settings for a given Registered Practitioner.

1.      Select Admin > Practitioners. The Registered Practitioners window appears.


2.      Either;

o      Double-click on the Registered Practitioner you wish to edit, or

o      Select the Registered Practitioner you wish to edit and then click


3.      The Practitioner Details window appears.


4.      Modify settings as necessary and click Save Pracsoft button to confirm. Refer to the following table for further information.

User ID

This ID is utilised throughout Pracsoft to identify users and practitioners, and usually (but not necessarily) reflects the user's initials. Each User ID must be unique. This ID is entered when you first add a practitioner to the Pracsoft database.


Displays the users location. You need to create a new entry in the Registered Practitioners list for each practitioner for each location they work at. Note that once you have recorded a location for a Registered Practitioner (and clicked the Save button to confirm this) you cannot edit it. If you have saved an incorrect location for a given Registered Practitioner you deactivate the practitioner, and then add a new entry for them.


Allows you to enter the Practitioner's Location Specific Practice Number. This number is issued by Medicare Australia to practitioners that use diagnostic equipment.


In line with Medicare's Healthcare Identifiers Service, each practitioner will be provided with an HPI-I (Healthcare Provider Identifier- Individual) number, which must be entered here.

Validate Prov No check box

Enable this check box to validate the provider number entered. This number must be valid for online claiming to be successful.

Practitioner Type

Select a practitioner type from the list provided, or free-type an entry. Note that DVA Allied Health Workers must select a valid Allied Health occupation from the list provided.

Referral Required check box

Allows you to enter whether a referral is required for this practitioner. If you enable this option, when you attempt to record a visit against this practitioner and you forget to add referral details, you will be prompted accordingly.

Letterhead Code

Select which letterhead you wish to use for this practitioner.

Bank Account Code

Select which bank account you wish to use for this practitioner.

Practitioner Status

Define the practitioner's status. If you choose 'Locum' you must also then indicated who/where the practitioner is locum for using the Locum For drop-down menu (not shown on the image above).

Practice Group

Allows you to assign this practitioner to a practice group. Practice Groups are used in Statements, where you may wish to view statements for specific groups of employees.

Online Claiming Agreement Signed check box

Enable this check box to indicate that Medicare Australia's Online Claiming Agreement has been signed by this practitioner. This Agreement allows for the processing of Medicare Australia online payments without the need for a token. This option is only available if Online Claiming has been enabled.

Individual Signing check box

Allows you to select individual signing of Medicare Australia claims for this practitioner using an ikey - a USB stick provided by Medicare Australia that you connect to the computer when preparing claims.

Patient Claims check box

Enable this check box if this practitioner provides online private patient claiming.

Allied Health check box

If you are an Allied Health Worker, you should tick this check box to enable the processing of Allied Health claims.

 If this box is ticked;

  • The D1216S  form is printed for DVA Allied Health Workers, when the user clicks the Voucher button in the Record Visit window.

  • The DB4-AD form is printed for Medicare Bulk-Bill Allied Health Workers, when the user clicks the Voucher button in the Record Visit window.

Added to Location Certificate check box

Verifies that the practitioner has been added to the Location Certificate when using Online Claiming. A warning will be displayed when saving the practitioner's details if the practitioner is registered for Online Claiming but has not confirmed they have been added to the Location Certificate.

Note that as of Pracsoft 3.10, any practitioners that have already been configured to use Online Claiming will automatically have this option enabled. Any new practitioners (or existing practitioners) that enable Online Claiming afterwards will be required to enable this check box before they can send claims to Medicare via Online Claiming.

Mark Inactive check box

Allows you to flag this practitioner as inactive.

Default Billing Item Number and Fees

Allows you to select a pre-defined fee for each of the following patient types:

  • No Concession

  • Discount Concession

  • Health Care Card

  • Pensioner

  • Veteran Affairs

  • Indicate whether GST is added, and record the percentage.


Indicate whether GST is added for items billed by this practitioner, and record the percentage.

Incentive Payments

When a Practitioner has been flagged in the Incentive Payments section, the incentive payments are automatically added when recording a visit.

MediCare Plus Drop-Down List

The Incentive Payments section allows you to flag a practitioner as being eligible to receive MediCare Plus and VAP (Department of Veteran Affairs) incentive payments.

The options are:

  • None - If the practitioner is not eligible to receive incentive payments.

  • MediCare Rural - If the practitioner is practising in one of the rural or regional areas specified by Medicare Australia.

  • MediCare Plus - If the practitioner is practising in a non-rural area. This is the default option.


Apply VAP Incentive check box

This check box can only be selected if the practitioner is a LMO (Local Medical Officer).


See Billing Incentive Items for more information.