Online Veteran Verification (OVV)


Online Veteran Verification is a process whereby, before processing a claim with Online Claiming, the patient can be checked for eligibility to receive DVA benefits and the patient's details are consistent with those held by the DVA. An eligibility response is returned immediately. The check is valid only for the day it is submitted.


There are two ways in which you can perform an OVV check:

o       Manually, via the Waiting Room, and

o       Automatically, when recording a visit. To perform the OVV check automatically you must first tick the Perform OPV Check check box in Online Claiming settings.

Both methods require an active internet connection.


To Perform a Manual OVV Check:

This method presumes a patient has been added to the Waiting Room.

1.      Locate and right-click the patient entry in the Waiting Room.

2.      Select OVV Check from the menu that appears. The patient's Veteran Card and patient details are sent to DVA.

3.      One of the following possible responses is returned immediately;

o       Patient OVV Details - Valid


o       OVV Check - Failed


o       Details require updating.