Modifying Immunisation Claims


Deleting Items within an Immunisation Claim

Note that if you delete an ACIR claim, you cannot resubmit it. In order to submit the claim again the episode needs to be deleted, recreated, batched, and transmitted as a new claim.


1.      From within the Online Claiming window select View > Immunisation Claims. The Claim History window appears.

2.      Right-click the claim that failed preparation and select Modify Claim from the menu that appears.

3.      The Modify Items in Immunisation Claim window appears. Locate and select the immunisation to delete and click  This flags the item as deleted, as shown in the Status column of image above.

If an item is deleted in error, you can undo the deletion;


1.      Select the deleted item. The Delete button becomes a Restore button.

2.      Click the Restore button.


3.      Click to close the window.



Releasing Immunisation Claims

One or more immunisation claims can be 'released' from a batch before the batch is processed and transferred to Medicare. You may wish to do this if for example you want batch your day's ACIR claims together in one batch, instead of sending them amongst batches of 'normal' claims.

1.      Select Processing > Online Claiming. The Medicare Australia Online Claiming window appears.

The example below shows three claims ready for processing, one of which is an ACIR claim. It is this claim we will remove from the list.


2.      Select View > Immunisation Claims. The Claim History window appears.


3.      Locate and right-click the claim you wish to release from the set. From the menu that appears, click Release Claim. You will be prompted to confirm this action. Note that a single claim may contain multiple encounters. To view which encounters are contained in a claim, right-click it and select Modify Claim.


4.      The selected claim is removed from the set. Close the Claim History window. You are returned to the Medicare Australia Online Claiming window. At this point the ACIR claim is removed. You can continue to process other claims as desired.

If you wish to process other non-ACIR claims during the day, ensure that when you select Processing > Online Claiming and are prompted to import immunisations claims, you select

Later, when you are ready to batch your ACIR claims together, select Yes to this prompt - any ACIR claims you released previously will be now added to any new claims you have, combined into a single batch.