Pracsoft User Guide
Merging Patient Records

Occasionally a situation may occur where duplicate patient records appear in the patient database. This can be due to operator error or the result of transferring data from other systems. To accommodate for this, MedicalDirector Pracsoft provides a method of merging duplicate patient records, together with their visit data.

To Merge Patient Records:

1.      Of the two patient records you wish to merge, locate the patient you want to keep, and open their Patient Details window.


2.      From the Patient Details window, select Patient > Merge Patients. The Select Patient window appears.

The Select Patient window will populate with names that are similar to that of the first patient you selected. You may select from other patient records if you need to.


3.      Select the patient to merge. This patient's data will be merged with the first.

4.      Click OK button to merge the records.

5.      You will be prompted to confirm this action. Click to confirm.

6.      The merge commences. This may take a few moments, depending on the amount of data within the two records. You will be prompted when the merge has completed. Pracsoft maintains a list of merged patient records for future reference.