Pracsoft User Guide
Medicare Easyclaim Transaction Status

The following information describes the various Medicare Easyclaim Transaction states, and how to deal with them, where applicable. The status of Medicare Easyclaim Transactions is available within Pracsoft via Processing Online/Easyclaim Claiming View Menu Easyclaim Bulk Bill Claims Status Drop-down list.


Waiting Processing




Receipted Off

No Benefit Payable


A Note About Pending Transactions

If a transaction/claim does not have a report available from Medicare Australia after 48 hours, Pracsoft presents you with the following message.

At this point you can;

o      Contact Medicare Australia to enquire about the status, and/or

o      Examine the details of the transaction/claim by selecting View > Pending Transactions Log

Please note that MedicalDirector Customer Service cannot assist you with the status of such transactions/claim; you must contact Medicare Australia for assistance.