Manually Receipting Bulk Payments


Ideally you should never have to manually receipt a bulk payment, unless;

o       You have manually sent a claim.

o       The amount in Pracsoft is different than what was paid, but you cannot determine why.



To Manually Receipt Bulk Payments:

1.      Select Processing > Receipt Bulk Payments > Medicare (or Veteran's Affairs). The Select Claims for Receipt window appears.

o       The list on the right of this window display all claims available to manually receipt.

o       The list on the left displays the claim selected for manual receipting. When you open this window, Pracsoft assume you want to receipt-off the most receipt claim, and therefore places it in this list automatically.


2.      Click the or buttons to add/remove claims to the Claims Selected section, ready to receipt.

3.      Click to manually receipt the claims. The Receipt for Bulk Claims window appears.


4.      Check the details are correct for receipting. Manually enter the payment amount. You are not able to receipt the claim until the total amount in the claim equals the amount to be receipted. You may change the amount in the claim by re-submitting vouchers as necessary, or by altering the amount for an item number in the Payable column.

o       To remove a voucher from the claim, select the voucher and click  This option is not available if this claim is flagged as being sent to Medicare Australia.

o       To remove all vouchers from the claim, click  This option is not available if this claim has already been sent to Medicare Australia.

o       If you need to add a voucher to this batch, click  You are presented with a list of unbatched vouchers for this Practitioner at this location to choose from - you may add one or more from this list. This option is not available if this claim is flagged as being sent to Medicare Australia.

o       To change the fee for services listed in the claim, click on the cell in the Payable column and type in the new fee. Reason codes can be entered in the Explanation column. Reason Codes or Explanations (that show reasons for adjustments) appear in Pracsoft Reports under Adjustments.


5.      Click to manually receipt the claim.