Pracsoft User Guide
Institutional Payers

To Add/Edit an Institutional Payer

1.      Select Admin > Institutional Payers. The Select Institutional Payer window appears.


2.      Then either;

o      Click  to add a new Institutional Payer, or

o      Select an existing Institutional Payer, and click edit its record.


3.      The Institutional Payer Details window appears.

Add/Edit information as desired.

o      Ensure you enter a code to identify this Institutional Payer from others. Note that if you are editing an Institutional Payer's details, you cannot modify the code you originally created for them.

o      In the Default Fee Column drop-down list you may select the fee rate applicable to this Institutional Payer. If the fee rate you desire is not available in the list, you must add it first.


4.      Click Save Pracsoft button to confirm the data you have entered for this Institutional Payer.