Immunisation Claims with Clinical


Before You Begin

There are settings you must configure in both Clinical and Pracsoft in order to process immunisation claims.

1.      In Clinical select Tools > Options > Links tab.


2.      Ensure you have;

o       Ticked the Link to Billing Package check box.

o       Selected the option to Link to Pracsoft.

o       Ticked the Create Immunisations check box.


3.      Click  The Advanced Link Options window appears.


4.      Ensure you have ticked the check box to Enforce ACIR Validation...

5.      Click

6.      Close and re-open Clinical.

7.      In Pracsoft, select MedicalDirector > Medical Director Link Options. The Medical Director Link Options window appears.


8.      Ensure you have;

o       Ticked the Link to Clinical check box.

o       Ticked the Read Immunisation (ACIR) Data check box.


9.      Select Admin > Practitioners. The Registered Practitioners window appears.


10.  Double-click a practitioner to access their details.


11.  Ensure that you have;

o       Ticked the Online Claiming Agreement Signed check box.

o       Ticked the Added to Location Certificate check box.


12.  Click



Processing Immunisation Claims

Immunisation claims are batched and sent via online claiming to notify AIR of a child's vaccination record. This system is an alternative to contacting AIR directly, saving your Practice time.

Before you can process an immunisation claim in Pracsoft, the patient must first have received a vaccination, recorded in Clinical.


1.      In Pracsoft, select Processing > Online/Easyclaim Claiming.

2.      If your Practice has been using Clinical for some time before you linked it to Pracsoft, and you have been recording childhood immunisations in Clinical, MedicalDirector Pracsoft will detect this and offer you the opportunity to import those immunisation records now.

Note that in such circumstances, if you had already manually made the immunisations claims, you should click No at this point, as any immunisations already claimed for will simply be rejected by Medicare if you click Yes.



3.      You will be prompted that there are immunisations claims to import from MedicalDirector Clinical. This prompt refers to those immunisations recorded in MedicalDirector Clinical since you linked it with Pracsoft.


4.      Click to import the claims.

5.      The Medicare Australia Online Claiming window appears. Notice that the immunisation claims are already listed for you to prepare.

This window will only display claims for practitioners who have indicated that they use Medicare Australia Online Claiming.

The left-hand section of this window displays claims that have been batched but not yet prepared and transmitted. The right-hand side displays claims that have been prepared or transmitted. Claims can be moved to the right or left of this screen by simply double-clicking them. You might want to do this if you wish to prepare your ACIR claims separately.


6.      Click to continue. You are presented with the Prepare Claim Data tab.

Preparing claim data validates the immunisations within the claim, and notifies you of any issues, such as a patient without a recorded Medicare number, or date-of-birth.


7.      Click to prepare the claims. You will be prompted to confirm this action.

8.      The results of the preparation are presented to you. If preparation has failed for any reason, you must resolve any issues now, and attempt to process the claim again later.


9.      Click  You are presented with the Print Claim Reports tab. You have an opportunity here to print hardcopy reports of what you have sent to Medicare.

10.  Click  You are presented with the Transmit Claims tab.

11.  Click  The Transmit Claims window appears. Select which claims you wish to transmit by ticking the associated Selected check box.


12.  Click  The claim will be automatically sent electronically to Medicare for processing. You should receive confirmation of its success, as shown in the example below.

Medicare may return a '9501- Assessment Report' if claim assessment has failed. This report will be sent automatically to your printer. If you receive any errors, please consult the topic Troubleshooting Immunisation Claims for assistance.


This concludes the steps necessary for make an immunisation claim for ACIR.