Pracsoft User Guide
IHI Exception Report

The IHI Exception Report allows you to examine which patients in your Pracsoft database share the same IHI Number. Patients are assigned IHI Numbers automatically upon opening their records (provided of course that you have setup for Medicare's Healthcare Identifiers Service).

Where two or more patients share the same IHI Number, this may indicate that you have duplicate patient records. The IHI Exception Report subsequently provides you with an opportunity to examine the duplicate records to determine whether they are in fact the same patient. Where they are, you could consider conducting a merge of the two records. Where they are not, you should examine the records in more detail and make changes to their demographics as necessary to clarify.

The IHI Exception Report is available by selecting Reports > All Reports > Other > IHI Exception Report.

To Generate an IHI Exception Report

1.      Select Reports > All Reports. The Pracsoft Reports window appears.

2.      Within the Report Type section, select Other.

3.      Within the Report Name section, select IHI Exception.


4.      Click when you are ready to proceed.