Pracsoft User Guide
Facility IDs

If you offer bulk-billing for services provided at a hospital, Medicare require you record a Facility ID for each hospital you visit. The following information explains how to setup Facility IDs, and then how to use them when recording a visit.

Obtaining a Facility ID

The official name for Facility ID is Commonwealth Hospital Facility Provider Number. It is possible that the facilities you need to obtain this number from will not know what their Facility ID is. In such a case, it will be necessary for you to obtain the required information by other means;

o      Contact the Department of Health and Ageing:

o      Contact the Department of Veterans' Affairs:


o      Recording a Facility ID in Pracsoft

o      Specifying the Facility ID when Recording a Visit in Pracsoft

Recording a Facility ID in Pracsoft

1.      Select to Admin > Referring Prac/Address Book. The Referring Practitioners window appears.

Even though this window is used for managing Referring Practitioners, it is also used for recording Hospital Facility IDs.


2.      Check first that facility does not already exist. If it does, ensure that the following requirements are satisfied for the existing record, by selecting it and clicking

3.      To add a new Facility ID, click   The Referring Provider Details window appears.


4.      Enter the following information:

o      Record the facility's full name in the Surname field.

o      Record the Facility ID in the Provider No field (un-tick the Validate Prov No box for Residential Care Facilities / Nursing Homes).

o      Indicate the type of facility from the Specialty list.

Specifying the Facility ID when Recording a Visit in Pracsoft

The Record Visit window allows you to enter the data that DVA requires for a successful online, paperless claim. When you select 'Vet Affairs' from the Invoice To list, you will see an extra set of tabs in the upper section of the screen, as indicated in the following image.

The Location tab (see image above) allows you to specify the location at which the service was provided. The Treated At field includes the following options: Rooms; Hospital; Visiting; Residential Care Facility; and Community Health Centre.

o      If Hospital is selected, then the Hospital Admission check box is activated, and you are able to select it, if appropriate.

o      If either 'Hospital', 'Residential Care Facility', or 'Community Health Centre' is selected, then DVA requires that you supply the Facility ID for the treatment location. In order to enable this, a Provider No field appears in the Service Details when you make one of these selections

o      The Provider No field includes a list of all such facilities, which are recorded in your address book. Note that the first institution (in alphabetical order) will be displayed by default. You will need to ensure that you select the correct hospital / facility from this list.


If the facility does not already exist in your address book, you will need to add it before being able to make this selection in the Record Visit window.