Pracsoft User Guide
Email Appointment Reminders



You can email patients to remind them of upcoming appointments. Pracsoft sends emails via your default email program on your computer, so you must ensure this application is functional and that you have an active connection to the Internet.

o      You can only send email to patients you have recorded an email address for.

o      If you use SMTP for sending email on your computer, you can easily configure SMTP from within Pracsoft, via Setup > Email Settings. Select the SMTP option, and click to access SMTP settings. Further information on configuring this window is available by clicking the   icon.

To send Appointment Reminders via Email:

1.      Open the Appointment module by either;

o      Clicking

o      Selecting Waiting Room > Appointment Book.


2.      Select Appointment > Email Reminders. The Email Reminders window appears.


3.      From within the upper section of this window, select the patients you wish to send an email reminder to, by ticking their associated check box in the Select column. You can also click or at the bottom of the window.

o      Note that in order for you to send an email to a patient, they must have an email address recorded for them. If they do not, you will be notified of this when you attempt to tick their associated email check box in this window. Similarly, the button will only select those patients that have recorded email addresses.

o      You can record a temporary email address for a patient now, by double-clicking in the Email Address field associated with the appointment you wish to send a message about. Note that this email address is specific to the selected appointment only, and will not be saved in the patient's record.


4.      (Optional) Edit the email Header Text. A default statement is provided for you. The same statement will be sent to all selected recipients.

5.      (Optional) Edit the email message using the Email Text text box. A default message is provided for you. This message can contain free-typed text, or field codes (for example, <<DATE>>) which are populated with real data, when you send the email.

o      To add fields to the email text, click in the message body where you want the field to appear, and then select the required field from the Fields drop-down list on the right-hand side of this window.


6.      To send the email message(s), click