Pracsoft User Guide
Daysheet Reports

A Daysheet report is for reconciling the day's transactions. This includes visits, receipts and adjustments.

1.      Click on the Toolbar or select Reports > Daysheets from the Main menu.


2.      Select the required 'Report Type' from the drop-down list.

3.      Select the 'Daysheet Date' from the drop-down calendar.

4.      Select the 'Date Selection' from the drop-down list (refer to 'Daysheet' window').

5.      Set the appropriate options for 'Group by' and 'Include adjustments'.

These options are not available on all Report Types


6.      Select the appropriate options for either 'Practitioner' or 'Bank Account' selection.

7.      The daysheet details are displayed automatically. To confirm click

8.      Select the 'Show Totals' and/or 'Separate Pages per Practitioner' check boxes if required.

9.      To print adjustments select 'include Adjustments'.

10.   Click to export the Daysheet to a spreadsheet or text file format.

When saving the exported file, ensure you enter a file name and click the Open button to save the file.


11.   Click  This report prints to your default printer.

If required, Chart Numbers may be displayed in the Daysheet Reports. (Setup > Global Settings > Chart No. tab > 'Show Chart Number on Daysheet).

Consultation time is stored against the visit in the Visit Record and displayed in the Practitioners Daysheet. While this may be turned off it is not recommended as the visit time is required by Medicare Australia when completing patient and Bulk Bill claims.

To turn the consultation time off, select Setup > Global Settings > Patient tab > 'Suppress the saving of actual visit times.