Chart No. Tab (Global Settings)


The Chart No tab of Global Settings allows you to manage the display of chart number information. Settings modified here will affect all users.

Items of interest on this window

Default Chart Number Length

Specify the default chart number length. Pracsoft can accept up to 10 characters.

Type of Chart Numbering Used

Numeric - if you use one of the RACGP chart numbering systems, choose RACGP. The personal chart numbers are for the RACGP system where you are using the one or two digit extension for family members' charts.


Alphabetic - if you do not wish to use chart numbers, choose Alphabetic and a chart number is automatically allocated by Pracsoft based on the surname of the patient.

Show Personal Chart Numbers

You are given a choice of 'Don't show any', 'Show personal chart number on the right', or 'Show personal chart number on the left'. Thus, displaying this extension on the left or the right of the base family chart number.

Next Chart No

Pracsoft supports the allocation of a new numeric chart number either by incrementing the value you have stored as last chart number by 1, or incrementing the second last digit. When a new chart number is allocated to a patient, Pracsoft does not check for existing patients using that chart number.

Print Chart Number on Assignment Form

Allows you to specify Pracsoft to print the chart number on assignment forms.

Show Chart Number on Daysheet

Select this if you want your Daysheet Reports to show chart number.

Increment 2nd Last Digit in Chart Number

Allows you to specify Pracsoft to increment the second last digit in the chart number.