Pracsoft User Guide
Changing Payment Types

To change the payment type for a private patient account you have already receipted:

1.      Open the patient's record.

2.      Select their Accounts tab.


3.      Via the Display drop-down menu, select Receipts Issued.

4.      Locate and right-click the receipt whose payment type you wish to adjust.

5.      From the menu that appears, select Change Payment Type. The Select Receipt Type window appears.


6.      Select the new (correct) payment type from the list provided and then click  You will be prompted to confirm your selection.

7.      The payment type will be changed and the payment amount will now appear in the patient's record with an asterisk (*) to indicate a change has been made.  Double-clicking the amount will open a window which outlines details of when the receipted item was altered and the user who performed the alteration.