Batching Bulk Claims for Medicare / Vet Affairs


After recording a visit / issuing an account to Bulk Bill or Vet Affairs, you must batch all the claim vouchers before they can be sent to Medicare Australia / Vet Affairs for processing. The following information explains the process of batching claims for both Bulk Bill and Vet Affairs claims.

1.      Select either;

o       Processing > Batch Bulk Claims > Medicare, or

o       Processing > Batch Bulk Claims > Veterans Affairs (for batching Vet Affairs claims).


2.      The Batch Bulk Claims window appears. The example below shows the Vet Affairs window - the standard Medicare window is identical.

o       MedicalDirector Pracsoft calculates the number of claims required for vouchers that are not already batched

o       The details of individual claims are shown on the right-hand side of the window

o       Summary details are found on the left-hand side. If there are multiple batches available, you can view them by clicking the forward(right) or backward(left) arrow button, or by pressing the PAGE-UP or PAGE-DOWN keys on your keyboard to scroll through the list.

o       Each batch must have a claim number. It is recommended that you enable auto-claim number generation to ensure you do not accidentally use the same batch number twice. Auto-claim number generation is available via the Online Claiming tab of Pracsoft's Global Settings.

o       Any in-hospital vouchers are automatically batched into a separate claim prefixed with #, for example #1234.

o       It is good practice to check that the vouchers for each batch match up with Pracsoft's details of the vouchers. To display a list of the unbatched vouchers proposed for that claim, click or press ALT+S. If you discover errors in a claim, you must close the Bulk Claim Details and Batching Bulk Claims windows, and edit the voucher before you can proceed with batching.


3.      Click to process the batch. You will be prompted to confirm this action. Upon successfully processing a batch, the Batching Bulk Claims window will indicate that the batch has been processed, and the Process button will no longer be available for this batch.

4.      Use the forward(right) or backward(left) buttons to scroll through the remaining batches, and process them as desired.

5.      Once you have completed processing batches, you can either;

o       Click on the Batching Bulk Claims window to send the batch now, or

o       Click on the Batching Bulk Claims window to save the processed batches, for sending in bulk at a later time.