Appointment Book Options


Global and Workstation-specific Appointment Book options are managed from within the Appointment Book, by selecting Setup > Options.


Items of interest on this window


The name of your server computer on which resides your MedicalDirector Pracsoft database.


The name of the Pracsoft database you are currently logged in to.

Appointment  Book

Displays which Appointment Book you are viewing the options for. You can create multiple Appointment Books, which each given a name of your choosing. However, in the Options window Pracsoft refers to each Appointment Book by its number.

Appointment Book Set Name

This is the name of the Appointment Book. Appointment Books are named when you create them. You can modify the name here.

Global Options

- First Time Slot
- Last Time Slot
- Slots per hour

Indicate here the time for your first appointment (First Time Slot) and last appointment (Last Time Slot). You can also indicate how many slots there are per hour. For example, if you enter 4 you are indicating that there will be 4 appointment time slots per hour, and subsequently each slot will have a duration of 15 minutes.

- Use Known As
- Chart number
- Phone number
- Mobile number
- Address
- Date of Birth

Displays the patient's associated details in the Appointment Book. This information is recorded via the Patient Details window.

Double-Space Reports

Prints a blank line between each appointment when printing the appointment list.

Workstation Options

Open Patient in Clinical when 'In Consultation'

For sites also using Clinical, with this enabled, when a patient in the Appointment Book is flagged as 'In Consultation' (select the patient and press Ctrl+I), the patient's record is opened automatically in Clinical. This occurs only on the same computer.

Refresh Interval

Every time you change a record in the Appointment Book, the view is refreshed instantly. If the Appointment Book is left unattended, the Refresh Interval determines how often the view is refreshed.

Account Details

Displays outstanding account details for a given patient when you schedule an appointment for them. Note that this pop-up window will appear even if the patient has no accounts outstanding.

Warn when entering into RESERVED entries or NON-SESSION times

Displays a warning when you attempt to schedule an appointment in a time slot that is not normally available for appointments.

Require comment for delete

Prompts you to provide a reason when deleting an appointment. This may be important for the surgery's legal and accreditation purposes.

Allow Auto-Delete RESERVED entries

Allows you delete reserved appointment slots without having to provide a reason for the deletion.