Appointment Book Legend


Within an Appointment Book, different appointment types and the status of each are defined by text colour, background colour and various icons defined on a legend.

Some examples are shown in the image below;

o       The light blue colouring of Greg Durant's appointment cell indicates that this is a Fit-in Appointment.

o       The icon next to Jason Smith's appointment indicates that this is an online fit-in appointment.

o       The icon next to Michael Andrew's appointment indicates that Michael is scheduled for a procedure.

o       The icon next to George Donnelly's appointment indicates that this will be a home visit.

o       The icon next to Stephen Baker's appointment indicates that Stephen made the appointment online, and that his details possibly match with those of an existing record in your Pracsoft database i.e. there is more than one patient in the practice’s database with the same date of birth, first name, and last name combination.

o       The  icon next to Hugh Mann's appointment indicates that he is a new patient, who has made an appointment, but has not yet had his record added to the patient database.

o       The icon next to Carolina Schein's appointment indicates that;

         An SMS message was sent to Carolina regarding her appointment,

         The message failed to send.  See SMS Message Status Tracking, and Patient Replies for more information.


o       The icon next to Greg Durant's appointment indicates that;

         An SMS message was sent to Greg regarding his appointment, and

         He is not required to reply to it.  See SMS Message Status Tracking, and Patient Replies for more information.




To view the Appointment Book legend, and to modify status colours:

1.      If the Appointment Book is currently closed, select Waiting Room > Appointment Book.

2.      From within the Appointment Book, select View > Legend. The Legend window appears.

To change the colour that indicates the status of an appointment session, click the colour swatch corresponding to the session type you wish to edit. The Colour window appears. Select or create a new colour via one of the available colour palette tabs.