Pracsoft User Guide
Adjusting Account Fees

Adjusting an account fee means adjusting the fee for the entire account, not just a single service item. You might wish to adjust an account fee if for example you have slightly over or under-charged for a visit. If however what you really want to do is add or remove a service item, or make a similar major modification to the account, you must reverse the account and re-record the visit from scratch, unless the account is a Bulk Bill voucher, in which case you can still edit it from the patient's Visit tab, provided it has not yet been batched.

1.      Locate and open the record of the patient you wish to edit.

2.      Select the Accounts tab.


3.      Right-click the required row (account entry) and select Adjust Fee from the menu that appears. The Adjust Fee window appears.


4.      Enter the new fee, new tax (optional) and a reason for the adjustment.

5.      Click Save Pracsoft button to confirm the modifications. You will be prompted to confirm this action.

6.      Click to confirm.