Pracsoft User Guide
Adding Practitioners to the Appointment Book

The Appointments module has its own built-in list of Practitioners, which is separate to the list of Practitioners within your MedicalDirector Pracsoft database.

Before you can select a practitioner within the Appointment Book to schedule appointments for, you must first add them to the Appointments module - Pracsoft does not automatically populate the Appointments module with practitioners from your Pracsoft database.

There are two methods for adding practitioners to the Appointments module;

o      By manually adding a practitioner to the list of practitioners available to the Appointments module - explained below.

o      By synchronising the Appointments module with the Pracsoft database.

This method copies all registered practitioners from the Pracsoft database to the list of practitioners available to the Appointments module. This method ensures that any practitioners you had added to the Appointments module manually will be synchronised (associated) with those in your Pracsoft database. Note that the synchronisation is one-way; Practitioners are copied from MedicalDirector Pracsoft to the Appointments module, but not vice-versa.

Important Note: If you manually create a practitioner (method 1) and do not synchronise them with Pracsoft, and Pracsoft cannot automatically find a matching practitioner in the Pracsoft database (which it will attempt to do), patients you appoint these practitioners may not be visible in the Waiting Room. Therefore, it is highly recommended that if you create a practitioner manually, and if you wish to use them within Pracsoft itself (not just the Appointment module) you also add them to Pracsoft, and then perform a syncronisation.

To Manually Add a Practitioner to the Appointment Book

1.      Open the Appointments module by either;

o      Clicking

o      Selecting Waiting Room > Appointment Book.


2.      Select Setup > Practitioners. The Practitioner Details window appears.


3.      Click  The Add Practitioner window appears.


4.      Enter up to 4 characters into the Practitioner Code text box. This code (usually the user's initials) is utilised throughout Pracsoft to identify users and Practitioners. Each practitioner code must be unique. Later, if you intend to login to Pracsoft itself, you must use this same code.

5.      Enter a location in the associated text box. Later, if you intend to add this practitioner to MedicalDirector Pracsoft itself, you must use this same location description.

6.      Enter the Practitioner's name into the associated text box. Later, if you intend to add this practitioner to Pracsoft itself, you must enter their name exactly as it appears here. For example if you type 'Dr. James Jones', you cannot then call them 'Dr James Jones' in Pracsoft, because Pracsoft will assume that the missing full stop after 'Dr' indicates that this is a different user entirely.

7.      Click Save to confirm your details. The practitioner is added to the list of those available to the Appointments module.


8.      To ensure this practitioner is visible to the Appointment Book, tick their Use check box.

9.      Click OK button to close this window.