Pracsoft User Guide
Adding Next-of-Kin Records

A 'Next-of-Kin' record is someone who acts as the next-of-kin for another patient in your database, but who themselves is not  a patient in your database. If you have indicated that a person is the next-of-kin for a patient, and then they themselves wish to receive services as a patient at your Practice, you must change their status to either 'active' or 'visiting'. Once someone has visited your Practice as a patient, although they can continue to act as the next-of-kin for another patient, their status can no longer be switched back to simply 'next-of-kin'.

See Selecting a Patient's Next of Kin for more information.

To create a new next-of-kin record:

1.      Either;

o      Click

o      Press F6

o      Select Patient > Add New Patient.


2.      The Add New Patient window appears.


3.      Via the Status drop-down menu, select 'Next of Kin'.

4.      Enter other information as desired. See Editing Patient Records for more information about the fields provided.

5.      Click Save Pracsoft button to confirm the information and close the window. This person can now be the next-of-kin for a patient.