Pracsoft User Guide
Adding Families of Patients

In Pracsoft a ‘family’ consists of a group of two of more patients, where one patient is designated the payer for all others in the group.

1.      Create the ‘payer’ patient record first (follow the steps for Adding New Patients).

2.      Then, when adding subsequent family members, enter their First Name and Surname into the Add New Patient window.

3.      On this same window, locate the Payer Details section and select ‘Other’.

4.      The Select Payer for [patient name] window appears automatically, and is pre-populated with patients who have the same surname as the new family member you are creating.

5.      Locate and select the patient who will act as the ‘payer’. Of course, you are not restricted to select from the list of patients with the same surname; you can search for any other patient you desire. Click OK button to confirm your selection.

6.      You will be returned to the Add New Patient window, which has now become populated with the demographic details of the payer patient.