Adding Allied Health Workers


1.      Ensure you have added the Practitioner to Pracsoft.

2.      Ensure that you have flagged the Practitioner as a Registered Practitioner.

3.      Ensure you have setup Pracsoft for Online Claiming.

4.      Select Admin > Practitioners. The Registered Practitioners window appears.


5.      Either;

o       Double-click on the Registered Practitioner you wish to edit, or

o       Select the Registered Practitioner you wish to edit and then click


6.      The Practitioner Details window appears.


7.      Ensure the Online Claiming Agreement Signed check box is ticked.

8.      Tick the Allied Health check box to indicate that this practitioner is an Allied Health Worker.

9.      Indicate the type of Allied Health Worker this practitioner is via the Practitioner Type drop-down menu. Note that DVA Allied Health Workers must select a valid DVA occupation from the list provided (whereas Medicare BB Allied Health Workers can either select from the list, or free-type their own occupation).

10.  Some Allied Health Workers are required to have a referral in order to record a visit. Check with Medicare as to whether you are, and if so, tick the Referral Required check box.

11.  Modify other settings as desired and click  to confirm. Refer to Practitioner Details for further information about this window.