Schedule Tab (Backup)


Use the Schedule tab of MedicalDirector Backup to record times for conducting automated backups. Note that this tab is only available after de-selecting the Run Now checkbox at the bottom-left of the window.

o       Click to register the schedule to a particular user account, where only the user that created the scheduled task can change or delete the details of that particular scheduled task. The Task Account also allows you to provide login details. The scheduler then logs in using these and allows access to resources based on your access permissions.

o       Click to access Microsoft's Scheduled Tasks utility. By doing so you will be able to check if and when you have any other tasks scheduled, allowing you to coordinate your MedicalDirector Backups around these other tasks.

o       Select from the 'When' options to set the schedule for Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Once-only operation. After you have made a selection you can edit the times/days etc. for each type of schedule.

It is advisable that you check the backup log file to ensure that your scheduled backup has been successful. The backup log file is called HcnBackupLog.txt, and is saved to root director of your C: drive.



To change a Scheduled Task:

1.      Click in the Schedule tab. The Scheduled Tasks window is displayed.


2.      Either;

o       Select the task name, a Folder Tasks menu is displayed on the left of the window, select Delete this item, or

o       Right-click the task name and select Delete from the pop-up menu.


3.      Reschedule the task using the Schedule tab of the MedicalDirector Backup utility (described above) .

MedicalDirector does NOT recommend adding tasks directly via the Window Scheduled Tasks utility.