Maintenance User Guide
Restoring Documents

See also: Restore

If you are restoring backup from MedicalDirector Clinical v3.6 (or later), you must select a location that represents the type of backup you are trying to restore, i.e.;

o      For live data, use \hcn,

o      For mobile data, use \hcnmobile

o      For the supplied sample data, use \hcnsample


1.      To change the restore location path, select the restore item from the list provided, and then click  Enter the path in the window that appears.

2.      Click to begin the restore process if the documents or folders are to be restored to the original location.

3.      To restore the item to a different location, select the item and click  The Restore Details window appears.


4.      Click to browse for your specific location.

5.      Click to accept the selected location. The new restore location is displayed next to the item in the Restore Location field.


6.      Click to begin the restore process.