Maintenance User Guide

To Restore a Backup:

1.      Double-click the MedicalDirector Maintenance icon on your desktop.

2.      Locate and double-click the Restore icon within the Common (Maintenance Tasks) section of MedicalDirector Maintenance. The MedicalDirector Restore window is displayed.


3.      Select the Backup Location tab. When you first open the Restore Utility, you are presented with a blank configuration, awaiting your input. Until you specify which backup file to restore, both the Server and Database fields are blank, waiting on input. These fields are populated automatically when you select a backup file to restore.

Until you specify the backup file to restore, both the Database and Documents tabs are disabled. These tabs become active on selection of a backup file to restore.


4.      Click to locate and select the MedicalDirector Backup file you wish to restore.

If the backup was created on a different machine the following prompt is displayed.

If you wish to restore this backup to your machine, the documents and letters configuration will need to be modified. For more information, refer to Configuring Documents Settings After Restoring.


5.      Double-click on the Backup file to be restored, or select the Backup file and click  You may be prompted to enter a password for the backup if one was originally created for it.

6.      Select the Database tab to check or change the Database Details.

The Database Tab allows you to restore the backup file to its original location. It also allows you to restore the backup file to a different existing server and any database name if required.

o      To restore to your local machine, click beside the Server Name field and select local from the list displayed.

o      Enter a new database name or click beside the Database Name field and select an existing database from the list displayed.


7.      Select the Plugins tab to select which Plugins you wish to restore.

8.      Select the Documents tab to check documents or folders.

To restore documents to a new location, refer to Restoring Documents.

Ensure you have check all the settings in the Restore tabs are correct before clicking the OK button.


9.      Click to begin the restore process.