Preferences (Messenger)


To manage Messenger Preferences:

1.      Locate and double-click the MedicalDirector Maintenance icon on your desktop. The MedicalDirector Maintenance window appears.

2.      Select the Database Tasks > Common menu item.


3.      Double-click

(Optional) If this is the first time you have tried to access Messenger during this session of working in MedicalDirector Maintenance, you will be prompted to select a Configuration, and enter your Username and Password.


4.      Messenger activates.

o       To prevent the display of the Messenger window again, enable the Do not show this window again? check box.

o       When not in use Messenger can be reactivated by double-clicking in your Windows Taskbar.


5.      Click to continue.

6.      Messenger appears.


7.      Select File > Options. The Messenger Options (General tab) is displayed.

8.      Select the Preferences tab.


9.      Enter settings as necessary.

10.  Click to save and apply the settings.

11.  Enter and select the time period to delete the archived messages.

12.  Select a default recipient to default new messages to from the drop-down list.

13.  Click to save and apply the settings.