Maintenance User Guide
MedicalDirector Mobility

MedicalDirector Mobility is a utility for downloading patient records to a mobile computer, allowing you to work with them off-site. Patient data can be added whilst using the MedicalDirector Mobile Data, and then uploaded to the server later, where the new data is merged with the existing patient record.

As MedicalDirector Mobility is designed for use on a mobile computer, it is available only to those computers where Clinical is installed with the Mobile role (as opposed to Server, Standalone or Workstation). For non-mobile roles, the MedicalDirector Mobility utility will not be available in MedicalDirector Maintenance.

After downloading patient records to your laptop, you must run Clinical and select to use the MedicalDirector data configuration from the login window before you disconnect the laptop from your network. Neglecting to do so results in Clinical attempting to connect to your surgery's database, and not the 'downloaded' database.

When you reconnect to the network and upload the data back into your surgery's database, ensure when you next start Clinical that you choose the correct configuration.

When using MedicalDirector Mobility you cannot create electronic Pathology requests.