Maintenance User Guide
Backup for Clinical/Pracsoft

1.      Locate and double-click the MedicalDirector Maintenance icon on your desktop. The MedicalDirector Maintenance window appears.

2.      Locate and double-click within the Common (Maintenance Tasks) section of MedicalDirector Maintenance. The MedicalDirector Backup window is displayed.


3.      (Optional) If necessary, load a saved Backup configuration file.

4.      (optional) Click at the top of the Backup utility window to have the utility attempt to automatically determine and configure many of the settings available, including such things as your Server Name and available Databases.

5.      Select/Enter settings as necessary from the following tabs: (please click the links below for relevant information)

o      Backup Location

o      Database

o      Documents

o      Notification

o      MDPlus


6.      Initiate the backup. This can be done either;

o      Immediately, by ensuring the Run Now checkbox is enabled and then clicking (continue to Step 7), or

o      Later, by ensuring the Run Now checkbox is disabled and you have scheduled the backup to commence later.


7.      You will be  offered the opportunity to password-protect the backup. Such backups require the password to restore them.

o      If you choose to enforce password protection, ensure that you can be contacted if the situation arises where the backup needs to be restored. Alternatively you might consider sharing the password with another person of authority from your practice.


8.      Click to perform the backup.

9.      Once the backup has been successfully performed you will be prompted accordingly.