Maintenance User Guide
Backup / Restore for Clinical/Pracsoft

All Backups must be performed on the Server computer.

MedicalDirector only supports backups made using the MedicalDirector Backup utility. If you wish to use a backup program supplied by another provider, the restoration and subsequent correct functioning of your data is solely your responsibility.

The MedicalDirector Backup and Restore utilities backup and restore Clinical and Pracsoft. Bluechip also uses these utilities, but the instructions are slightly different.

These modules provide options for backing up your data to any device which can be referenced by a logical drive letter (e.g. C:\), including hard drives, floppy drives, ZIP, JAZ, USB drives and additionally CD-R/CD-RW/DVD-R/DVD-RW if the drive manufacturers direct-write software (e.g. Nero, InCD, Roxio, DirectCD) is installed and the device is mapped to a logical drive letter. The utility also offers the convenience of industry standard ZIP format.

There are a range of options available for customising the backup to suit your requirements and feedback on the process of applications is provided to the user during the backup process.