eOrders - Cytology Requests


1.      Ensure you have configured Clinical for using eOrders.

2.      Ensure you are viewing the patient's record.

3.      Then either;

o       Click

o       Select Correspondence > Cytology Request


The Cytology eOrders Request window appears.


4.      The Cytology section will be selected for you. Place a tick against each observation made, that you wish to inform the laboratory of.

5.      Perform any of the following optional steps:


Option 1: Including the day's Progress Notes

  1. To add information from the patient's Progress Notes for the current consultation, locate the Clinical Notes section, and click


  1. The Progress Notes window appears, displaying any notes you have recorded for this patient, for the current consultation.


  1. Highlight any notes you wish to add to the eOrder.


  1. Click . The selected notes will be copied to the Clinical Notes section on the eOrders window.


Option 2: Indicate if the patient is Diabetic, Fasting, or Pregnant.

Locate these details at the right-hand side of the eOrders window, placing a tick against any that are relevant.


If you choose the 'Pregnant' option, you must also record the LMP and EDC dates. Note that if the patient already has a current pregnancy recorded, these details will be displayed by default.


Option 3: Include one or more of the patient's current medications.

Note that medications you elect to display here will be sent electronically to the laboratory, but will not be printed on the patient's request order form that you hand to them.

1.      Locate the Current Rx section at the right-hand side of the eOrders window.


2.      Click . If this button is unavailable, it is because the patient does not have any current medications. The Current Rx section becomes populated with all of the current medications for this patient. You can remove any you don't wish to display.


Option 4:

1.      Locate the Copy To Doctor section at the right-hand side of the eOrders window.


2.      Click . The Search Copy to Doctors window appears.

o       Select an Address Book.

o       Enter the name of the recipient. As you type, a list of related names is generated.

o       Place a tick against any name in the list to select this person as a recipient.


3.      (Optional) Click to add details of a recipient who is not already in your address book(s). Note that any recipients you add here will not be added to the Address Book itself.

4.      The Copy To Doctors section is now populated with recipients. You can edit this if desired.

5.      Once you have finished adding doctors, click to close the Search Copy to Doctors window.



(continuing from Step 5 above)

6.      Indicate any of the following options:


7.      Indicate the date of the request. The default is the current date.


8.      Click . You will be reminded to place pathology request paper in the printer. Remember, although eOrders are sent electronically, you still need to print a copy for you patient.


9.      You will be presented with an order number.


10.  Click Close at the lower-right of the Cytology eOrders Request window. This concludes the process for placing an eOrder. You can monitor the status of this order.