Views and Zoom


Letter Writer offers three ways in which to view a letter, and an option to change the on-screen size without affecting the printed size.

o       Select View > Normal Text to display the letter without page boundaries (at the left of the Letter Writer window). Lines of text are wrapped and page breaks are shown as a line across the page.

o       Select View > Page Layout to display the page boundaries. Text and pictures are shown as they print on the page. This is known as a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) view, as the letter is shown on-window just as it is printed.

o       Selecting View > Centred Page Layout moves the Page Layout view to the centre of the Letter Writer window.


You can also change the on-window display size of the letter to any size between 10% and 400%. 100% is the default setting. A number of preset sizes are available and an custom size can be typed in.

o       To select form the list of preset values, select View > Zoom, or click the down arrow on the Zoom list in the toolbar

o       To define a custom zoom size, select View > Zoom > Custom, or click the Zoom box on the toolbar and type in the size required. Press enter or click OK to change the Zoom size.

o       In the View > Zoom list, and on the toolbar, there are two further options which allow you to fit the Page Width or the Whole Page to the window. These options are also available as buttons on the toolbar.