Using the Sidebar


Activating and Accessing the Sidebar

The Sidebar is installed automatically, and will be active when you next open Clinical. Sidebar is located on the right-hand side of your screen, 'docked' to the side of Clinical, as shown in the following image. In this state, the MedicalDirector Sidebar is said to be pinned. When pinned, the MedicalDirector Sidebar is always in view.

You can change the width of the MedicalDirector Sidebar by clicking and dragging its left-hand edge.


You can minimise the MedicalDirector Sidebar, keeping it active but hiding its contents, as shown in the following image. In this state, the MedicalDirector Sidebar is said to be unpinned. To access the MedicalDirector Sidebar when unpinned, simply click anywhere on it.


You can hide/show the Sidebar via Clinical Options.



Features and Functions




Check for new/updated widgets.

Indicates that the widget has an update available. Clicking the widget will allow you to update it.

Indicates that the widget has a number of notices to alert you to (3 in this example).


Maximise / Minimise each widget.

Maximise a widget expands the widget window to display its contents.


Unpin / Pin the MedicalDirector Sidebar to Clinical.


When pinned, the MedicalDirector Sidebar remains in view. When unpinned, the MedicalDirector Sidebar hides until you move your mouse over the blue MedicalDirector Sidebar tab to reveal it.

MedicalDirector Sidebar Settings.

  • Access the Add/Remove Widgets - Widget Palette to manage your library of widgets and select which of those appear on the MedicalDirector Sidebar.

  • Access the online widget store.

  • Set widget permissions.

Some widgets also have their own settings button, giving you access to their individual settings.

Navigate through multiple pages of widgets.

The maximum number of active widgets on the MedicalDirector Sidebar is 20.


Shows/hides the 'fly-out' window. The fly-out window is an extension of a widget, enabling the widget to display information that would otherwise not fit, or be legible to the user within the confines of the docked widget itself. Not all widgets have a fly-out window. You can also close a fly-out window by clicking its X-button.

Widget page navigation buttons. Click to navigate between pages of widgets.



Arranging Widgets on the Sidebar

You can rearrange the order in which widgets appear on the MedicalDirector Sidebar. To do this, simply click and hold the title bar of the widget you wish to relocate, and drag it into position, releasing the mouse when in place, as shown in the following example.

Widgets can also be moved between pages by hovering over the widget header that you wish to reposition, clicking and holding the mouse button while dragging the widget to the desired position/page, as demonstrated below. Note that if there is only 1 page of widgets active, you cannot drag a widget onto a new page.



Widget Notifications

Some widgets may be designed to prompt you with a notification. Notifications appear at the bottom-right of MedicalDirector Clinical, near your Windows Task Bar, and shown in the following example.


Notifications will disappear automatically after a few seconds. Alternatively, click the X button to close them. If there are multiple notifications, they will stack, one under the other.