The Widget Store - Purchasing and Downloading Widgets


Overview of the Widget Store

The Widget Store is an online resource for downloading widgets provided by MedicalDirector and third-party suppliers. To access the Widget Store, ensure the MedicalDirector Sidebar is active, click and select Visit Widget Store from the menu that appears. Alternatively there is a link to the store on the Add/Remove Widgets – Widget Palette. You must have an active Internet connection to access the store.



Purchasing Widgets

1.      From the MedicalDirector Sidebar, click  and select Visit Widget Store from the menu that appears. You can also access the store from within the Add/Remove Widgets – Widget Palette.

2.      Your web browser will open and direct you to the MedicalDirector Widget Store.

3.      You will be required to log on to view widgets in the store and to access your account. Click to log on.

4.      Once you have logged on, you will have access to the store, as shown in the image following.


5.      Browse the store at your leisure.

o       You can add widgets to your shopping cart by clicking

o       Alternatively, if you click on a widget example to view its details (as shown following), you can also add the widget to your cart from there.


o       Once you have added a widget to your shopping cart, it will appears as follows.


6.      When you are ready to check-out, click  You will be presented with a secure online form for purchasing your selected widget(s). Complete the required purchase details.

7.      Once your purchase has completed successfully, you will be returned to the MedicalDirector Widget Store.


This concludes the steps necessary for purchasing a widget from the MedicalDirector Widget Store.

You can see your list of purchased widgets at any time by clicking the My Widgets link.



Installing/Updating Widgets

1.      On the MedicalDirector Sidebar, click  The Available New and Updated Widgets window appears.


2.      Select the widgets you wish to install/update.

3.      Click when you are ready to proceed. The widgets will be downloaded and installed automatically.

4.      (optional) Depending on which widgets you have elected to install, you may be prompted to grant the widget access permissions, as shown in the example following. Configure permissions as desired, clicking to confirm your selections.