About Surgical Auditing


Practitioners (including surgeons and GPs) may perform surgical procedures. The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS) mandates that surgeons who perform surgical procedures must be subject to an audit.

To comply with an audit, a practitioner must be able to record relevant information about the surgical procedures that they perform; they must be able to produce reports presenting various aspects of this recorded information in various formats.

The Surgical Audit Tool was designed specifically to provide a repository for information required for surgical audits, enabling users to automatically generate reports of this information.


The Surgical Audit Tool provides the following key advantages to MedicalDirector Clinical users:

o       A consistent method for entering surgical procedure information.

o       A reduction in the time required to enter surgical procedure information and prepare reports.

o       The provision of a consistent format for reports.

o       The provision of an efficient method for organising and retrieving surgical procedure information.

o       A reduction in reporting errors due to misplaced surgical procedure information.