SpiroUSB Spirometer


Configuring the Device

You must configure the GDT settings within the Spiro USB software to allow Clinical to detect and communicate with the device. This must be done before you can initiate a recording via the Clinical.

1.      Install Spirometry PC Software (SPCS)

2.      Open SPCS and configure the software to suit your requirements.

3.      Close SPCS

4.      Manually launch the Spirometry PC Software in GDT mode to configure the GDT settings; “Spirometry PC Software.exe" /gdt2. You must run this command via the Windows Start menu > Run.
Example: “C:\Program Files\CareFusion\Spirometry PC Software\Spirometry PC Software.exe” /gdt2

5.      You will be presented with the following message as GDT settings within the device have not yet been configured.


6.      Click to continue.

7.      You will be presented with a window showing the device Software GDT settings. These settings must be updated to reflect the following. Note that if your computer does not have a C: drive, you will need to substitute the drive letter where the CareFusion device software was installed to.

o       Incoming Message: C:\GDT

o       Outgoing Message: C:\GDT

o       8315 – Receiver GDT-ID: SPCS

o       8316 – Receiver Sender-ID: MD

o       Send Link to report: Yes

o       Report output directory(unc): C:\GDT

o       Report Filename: Create a unique filename on each export

o       Filename Extension: PDF


8.      Click to save the settings. As this is the first time you have configured the settings, you will be presented with the prompt from Step #5. Since the GDT options have now been configured, you will need to click this time. The device is now configured to use with Clinical.



Performing a Test in Clinical

1.      Select Tools > Tool Box > Respiratory Function from the patient's Clinical window. The Respiratory tab appears.


2.      Click to use the Spiro USB spirometer device to record values.

3.      Click

The Available Spirometer Machines window is displayed if more than one device is installed. Select the device you wish to use from this window.



4.      Conduct the test in the device software.

5.      Close the software when you have finished. MedicalDirector Clinical imports the test results into the Respiratory tab.



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