Selecting a Patient's Next-of-Kin


1.      Open the record of the patient you wish to record a Next-of-Kin for.

2.      Press CTRL+D to open the Patient Details window.

3.      Select the Personal Details tab,  and then the Next of Kin sub-tab.

Items of Interest on this Window


The Select/Replace button is a toggle;

  • Select allows you to select a Next of Kin for the patient. This option is available if no Next of Kin data has been recorded for this patient.

  • Replace allows you to select a different Next of Kin for the patient. This option is available if there is already a Next of Kin selected.

Allows you to edit the contact details of the Next of Kin.

  • This button is available only if you have a Next of Kin selected for the patient.

  • If you change the contact details for the Next of Kin, the changes are saved back to the Next of Kin's patient record in Clinical.

Clears the Next of Kin details for the patient.



4.      Click  The Select Next of Kin window appears.


5.      Locate and select the person you wish to register as the patient's Next of Kin. Click to confirm. You are returned to the Personal Details tab where the Next of Kin's details are now visible. Note that the button has been replaced by a button, allowing you to select a different person if you wish.


6.      Click on the Patient Details window to confirm any changes you made.