Requests - Pathology


To generate an eOrder Pathology request:

1.      Click      in the toolbar of the patient's Clinical Window.

2.      The Pathology Request Portal appears.

The entire Pathology request is conducted from this window. Information on how to proceed with the request follows, but before you begin it is important that you understand the following points:

o       Provider groups (such as Sonic, for example) have requested customised development of the Pathology Request Portal. Keeping this in mind, the Pathology Request Portal as displayed above, may appear differently and have added functionality, depending on the Provider you select from the Provider drop-down menu. Therefore, it is important that you have correctly configured Clinical to accommodate for these laboratories, if you use them.

o       You will find it convenient to select a specific Provider as your default. This is because any settings you select in the Pathology Request Portal will be cleared if you discover you have selected the wrong Provider and choose to select a different one. Setting your most-used provider as the default may save you frustration later.

o       The button may be displayed as Send/Print for providers that can also receive requests electronically. Before you can send requests in this fashion, you must ensure Clinical is configured correctly. Note also you must setup Requests Print Options before you can print a pathology request.

Before you attempt to submit any Investigations Requests, it is vital that you have configured Clinical correctly to support the laboratory providers you wish to use. It is equally important that you are familiar with the Investigations Options provided in Clinical.



The following table examines the Pathology Request Portal. Note that this information may differ depending on whether the Provider you select uses a customised layout and added functionality.


The current date is displayed by default. Choose a different date if required.


The name of the preferred provider (or the first name in the list if no preferred provider is set) is displayed in the Provider drop-down menu.


If you wish to use an alternate provider, select one from the Provider drop-down menu. If your provider does not appear in the list, you need to add it to the Address Book.


Remember: Choose the pathology provider you wish to use before setting any other criteria as some are specific to a particular provider.

Copy To

If copies of the result are to be sent to any other practitioners (usually specialists), select them from the Copy To list. A maximum of three addresses can be printed on the request form. The names in this list come from the Address Book.

If you wish to send a copy of the result to a practitioner who is not in the Address Book, click the Other Copy Doctor button and enter their details in the window that appears.

Clicking this button displays a list of locations of laboratories for the provider you select, provided that these have been registered with Clinical. It is not possible to edit this list manually.

This button allows you to setup your favourite pathology tests, which then appear at the top of the default Pathology Request Portal.


When adding favourites, ensure that you use terms that your laboratory will be familiar with - they may have specific syntax they wish you to use.


Note that the number of favourites and the method for use is dependent on the Request Portal presented, which in turn is dependent on the provider group selected.


Favourites can also be setup via Investigations Options.

Clinical Details (Available Tests)

This displays the list of tests available for the selected laboratory. It will change if a different laboratory is selected and any tests already selected will be removed. Where the laboratory has not provided a specific list of tests a default list is displayed.


The surgery can add to this list via Lists Options if they have specific tests or wish to create a multiple test group.

Clinical Details (Selected Tests)

Select clinical information that you would like to include on the Request. Custom text can also be added here by typing directly into the Selected text box. Furthermore, if you tick the Save Text to List check box, your custom text will be added to the Available list for when you next use the Pathology Request Portal.

My Health Record Consent

Allows you to indicate whether your patient has given consent to have their test results uploaded to MyHealthRecord. Their decision will be printed on the referral paper also.

Allows you to access eOrders - a system for securely ordering SDS-based pathology and cytology requests electronically. This button is only available if you have selected a SDS-based laboratory via the Provider drop-down list.


See eOrders - Overview

See Investigations Options for information about configuring providers.

The Details button allows for the recording of additional information, such as cytology details, billing details, and ancillary information to pre-printed Request forms. For this button to be available for use, you must have indicated in Investigations Options that a given provider uses pre-printed forms. This button will be unavailable for providers who use custom Pathology Request Portal layouts, who already offer the extra information in their layout.

After printing, the patient's Progress Notes are updated to show the date and investigations requested. If you use pre-printed paper as supplied by your laboratory, you may need to make adjustments to the layout of the printed data, to suit your printer's output.


The provider image that appears is based on the name of the selected lab.

If you have set a preferred provider, the logo which appears is not indicative of, and has no affect on the recipient company. The printed request is addressed to your selected or preferred provider.