Requests - Medical Imaging


To generate a Medical Imaging request form:

1.      Click in the toolbar of the patient's Clinical Window.

2.      The Medical Imaging Requests window appears.

The provider logo that appears on the request form is based on the name of the selected lab.

If you have set a preferred provider, the logo which appears is not indicative of, and has no affect on the recipient company. The printed request is addressed to your selected or preferred provider.


3.      Initially the current date is displayed. Click the    arrow adjacent to the Date drop-down to display a calendar and choose a different date if required.

4.      The name of your preferred provider (or the first name in the list if no preferred provider is set) is displayed in the Provider drop-down menu. If you wish to use an another provider, select one from the Provider drop-down menu. If your laboratory does not appear in the list, you need to add it to the Address Book. Your preferred provider is always highlighted in the list.

5.      The Request Type options provide range of tests from the major types of diagnostic imaging. Select an option to display a corresponding list of Regions. The Medical Imaging Requests option reveals a list of user-defined regions, as recorded in Clinical Lists Options.

6.      Double-click on a region to add the selected Request Type (see above) and Region to the list of Tests to be printed on Form.

o       Multiple requests using various regions can be selected.

o       Requests can also be added to, or modified, by manually changing the information in the Tests to be Printed on Form text box.

o       You can free-type entire test requests into this section, but if you choose to, you must provide the full test details.


7.      Via the Clinical Details section select clinical information that you would like to include on the Request by double-clicking it. Custom text can also be added here by typing directly into the related text box. Furthermore, if you tick the Save Text to List check box, your custom text will be added to the Clinical Details list for when you next use the Medical Imaging Requests utility.

8.      If copies are to be sent to any other practitioners or specialists, click and select the names from the list that appears. A maximum of three practitioners/specialists can be printed on the request form.

o       The list of practitioners is taken from the MedicalDirector Clinical Address Book. If you wish to send a copy to a practitioner who is not listed, their details will need to be added to the Address Book.


9.      Click when you are ready to proceed.